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Our story

Who we are

From the day I learnt to swim, I spent my summer holidays with my head below the water. “When she grows up, she will be a diver!” my parents used to say. And they were right. I have been diving for over a decade now and my love and passion for marine life was growing exponentially with each and every dive. Scuba diving has also inspired me to switch my professional career towards environment. I have been working on environmental policy making for the last ten years. Scuba Calendar is a personal project very dear to my heart. It has come out of love for diving and joined the desire to preserve all the beauty of the underwater world. It is a true privilege to be able to share some bottom time with all those magical creatures...

Katarina Grgas Brus

Somebody said ‘adventure’? I’m in! Though cautious and methodological by nature, you will find it is easy to convince me to try out new sports or see new places. I have been scuba diving since I was a teenager - for 21 years now. It was a different world when I did my first PADI Open Water Diver course. The rules were different, the scuba equipment was scarce, and the sea life was plentiful. Today, the equipment is plentiful and the sea life is scarce. When Katarina came up with the idea for this app, I felt like this could be it! This is how I could use my knowledge of IT project management and help us preserve the oceans for future generations. I wish this app would help our planet at least a little bit, so that you would be able to see the things I have seen when I started scuba diving.

Mitja Brus